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General Liability Insurance

Alabama General Liability Insurance: Coverage for Contractors and Construction Businesses

Preferred Liability Carriers Include

General liability insurance is a necessity for all Alabama construction businesses and contractors. In case of unforeseen legal charges, your business needs to be protected. Whether you did or didn’t do anything to cause damage - either to a person or to property - isn’t really what matters. What’s important is being covered. Even if you didn’t cause damage, legal fees might still come into play. You’ll want to be sure that you’re covered for any costs including legal fees, bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury.


We’ll also make sure that you’re paired with an insurance company that covers compensatory and general damages. The only thing you won’t be covered for is punitive damages - punishment for intentional acts will always be taken seriously by the state.

We are the Construction Contractors Source for Florida General Liability Insurance

At Alabama Construction we pride ourselves on being the top provider in the state. Here’s why our clients agree:

  • General liability insurance quotes in Alabama delivered quickly, often on the same day

  • Insurance policies for construction businesses of all sizes - from 1 employee all the way up to over 100 employees

  • General liability insurance coverage in Alabama for contractors and construction businesses in virtually every type of construction trade, even roofers and independent contractors     

  • Access to Alabama’s top, "A" rated liability insurance underwriters

  • Immediate online access to insurance certificates, which are available round the clock for printing and editing

  • Agents who are experienced, friendly, and ready to help customers with all of their queries

  • Carefully curated, workplace safety resources provided free of charge

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