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Workers Comp

FAQ on Alabama Workers Comp Insurance

Comprehensive Alabama Workers Compensation: Insurance Coverage for Every Construction and Contractor Business

All Alabama construction businesses are required to have workers comp insurance. Companies of every size need to follow this legal precondition to a T. Even artisan contractors who work alone need to carry at least some form of workers compensation insurance in Alabama. This is as much for the contractor’s safety and peace of mind as it is for the client or the construction firm as a whole. Without the right kind of coverage, construction businesses are essentially breaking the law and, as such, are not allowed to operate.

How do I file for a Alabama workers compensation insurance exemption?

In order to be Alabama workers comp exempt a person must complete and submit the Alabama Corporate Officer Exclusion form.  Alabama Construction Insurance .com can help you with the form or you can file the form yourself by downloading it. 



We’re the Best Choice for Your Alabama Workers Compensation Policy

At Alabama Construction we’re confident that we’ll find you the best workers compensation policy. Here’s why:


  • Expertise - Alabama workers compensation insurance for contractors and construction companies is a challenging topic in the insurance sphere. Your average, friendly call center insurance agent might be able to get you the best deal on personal car insurance, but you’re going to want someone with a little more knowledge and experience to handle the business side of things.


  • Efficiency - Alabama Construction is committed to ironing out your insurance in next to no time. Our fast turnaround time on quotes is unparalleled and we’re generally able to bind your policy within less than 24 hours where other service providers can take weeks. With us, you’ll also get access to instant online insurance certificates that can be edited and printed whenever necessary.


  • Choices - We make sure that you have a range of viable options to choose from. Alabama workers compensation insurance shouldn’t be taken lightly, so we make sure that the final choice lies with you. With us you have access to several different policy types under one roof, including employee leasing arrangements, flexible billing, and so much more.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Alabama Workers Compensation Policy?
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